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9 Manchester City Şarkılar & amp; Futbol Chants

Raising the rafters at the City of Manchester stadium!

12 Blue Moon The greatest Football chant ever written. Best ringtone. Çalma listesi
21 Oh Man City The only football team in all of Manchester Çalma listesi
32 City, City.. Classic and great ringtone. Çalma listesi
40 We Love You City We do… Çalma listesi
59 The Best Team in the World Never a truer word spoken, great ringtone for the mobile. Çalma listesi
72 We Are City We are City Çalma listesi
81 Manchester La La La This dirty old town. Çalma listesi
95 We're Not Really Here Just like the fans of the Invisible Man Çalma listesi
159 Lesson in Pride, Hark Now Hear Same old United always running.. Çalma listesi
188 Oh Balotelli Song for Mario Balotelli. (Note: People who don't know about Mario Balotelli. During a match against Dynamo Kiev, Mario had an allergic reaction to grass, had to go off at half time. At training one day he got bored, decided to throw darts outside the first floor, aiming at the youth team players, fined £100,000. He won £25,000 at a casino and gave £1000 to a homeless person.) Çalma listesi
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204 Who the Hell Are Man United? Cockney glory hunters Çalma listesi
210 We'll Buy Your Club We're so rich Çalma listesi
241 Blue Moon (With Claps) Why not have two versions of the best chant ever. Çalma listesi
268 Na Na Na City A catchy number Noel and Liam would be proud of. (New better audio added) Çalma listesi
280 We Are Loaded Wrong but true Çalma listesi
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